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Despite all this, Hillary Clinton has never disavowed the racist hate group. What many don't know is that the U. At a recent rally, Chelsea Clinton said that her mother would invoke tougher federal laws on marijuana.

It's not, however, her husband's third term. Samuel Rodriguez urged his fellow Hispanics in America to consider Hillary Clinton's radical pro-abortion position before voting in November. The export from China of internet-censoring technologies and its provision of unconditional aid to repressive regimes increases the US's burdens in fighting censorship and human rights crises worldwide.

Stop cozying up to the banks, to the chemical companies, to the military-industrial complex, to the party machine, and to all the various financiers who make up the plutocracy now ruining this country.

But few of them refuse to acknowledge their sentimentality in quite the same way as does the wing of the Democratic party to which Clinton is currently attempting to agglutinate herself. Just ask the good people of Keene, N. Donald Trump has gained the lead in Colorado after Hillary Clinton promised to be harder on marijuana laws.

Here, Clinton would end the stepped-up capital gains tax basis and instead value the gain all the way back to the initial transaction.

At her first Iowa stop, Hillary calls for constitutional limits on free speech. NASA was being lambasted for not taking women into the current astronaut corps.

That would be Hillary. We were fooled once, but I don't think we're going to be fooled again. A key exchange in the debate came when Wallace pressed Clinton to explain how her economic proposals were different from President Obama's failed stimulus plan.

That was about an actual break-in in the DNC. The foolish man's house is built upon the sand.

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She has a reputation as imperious for good reason. You use very strong language in your book. As we have noted in this space many times, Clinton wants to impose tax hikes and spending increases that even Barack Obama didn't dare advocate.

Though that what we're talking about here is a very nefarious, insidious ah coordination between, you know, WikiLeaks being, you know, used and perverted for use ah to make all these claims ah against all kinds of people.

Clinton's spiel was slight on specifics she'll unveil a series of new economic initiatives in a series of speeches from July to Augustbut her economic-inequality rhetoric could have been comfortably uttered by the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Joseph Stiglitz, Bernie Sanders or Martin O'Malley.

Tibetans and Uighurs continue to suffer indiscriminate crackdowns on their rights, typically on the grounds that their peaceful calls for genuine autonomy are in fact a cover for "separatist activity.

Yeah but everybody, everybody knows that was just baloney, he just made it up and he, who did he admit it to, he admitted it to the Russian Ambassador to the United States and the Russian Foreign Minister in the Oval Office when he basically reassured them that he'd gotten rid of Comey so the Russian investigation would be over and and thankfully that ah wasn't the case.

Let me just go to Jim Comey, just for the sake of our viewers. Americans are beginning to understand this. I'm writing you this letter because I think the topic might figure into your decision-making, or maybe not. Clinton Campaign 'Collapsing Completely'.

Hillary Clinton's insultingly vapid video. But the foundation, the Clintons and their phalanx of defenders all insist there's absolutely no evidence of any quid pro quo.

The Clintons have been playing the political press for idiots. But a lunchtime visit to a main-street bakery and two more appointments later in the day were off-the-books and under the public's radar.

Yes, a Trump presidency would come with many uncertainties. Excoriating Republicans who embrace "trickle-down economics" and hailing a handful of Democratic presidents, one her husband and another who ended her presidential dream seven years ago, Hillary Clinton delivered a campaign kickoff speech today that demonstrated she will wholeheartedly embrace, rather than avoid, President Obama's two terms in office.

We have no ah provision in our Constitution or our laws to contest an election.

How can I write a letter to Hillary Clinton?

Few might have expected the ex-Obama aide to kick off her second bid to infiltrate the Oval Office with such a proposal for fundamental change in settled American law.

Some say it looks like a hospital sign. She went to the Rose law firm where she coincidentally of course got a lot of business from the State of Arkansas when husband Bill was Attorney General there.

Ordinary people in China will also appreciate hearing the United States raise human rights issues in ways that echo their own day to day concerns about rule of law and government accountability. They actually had Facebook personnel in their ah data headquarters.

This will be the crucial moment to signal to the Chinese government that the quality of its relationship with the United States will depend in part on whether it lives by universally accepted human rights norms in its domestic and foreign policies. What could have less of a common touch than inspecting the peasants through tinted windows while sitting in the backseat of a chauffeured car.

Instead she doubled down on supporting the hate group and its icons at the Democratic National Convention. There's no real answer to coping with the grief that this election has caused, but I know as I watched the country turn red all I wanted to do was turn to Hillary Clinton.

Mar 02,  · Recently, Hillary Clinton was disparaged for calling one half of Trump sup- porters something unpleasant.

Well, there is an interview where Donald Trump is asked if he would ever run for president, and his answer is YES. And He stated that he would run as a Republican, because Republicans believe everything you lookbeyondthelook.com: Resolved.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump traded jabs at their second face-off in a contentious town-hall style debate on Oct. 9, in St. Louis, with moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz. On Friday, FBI Director James B. Comey sent a letter to Congress saying the bureau is investigating additional emails that appear relevant to the Hillary Clinton email case.

Hi, Hillary. You know me. I mean, we’re not friends, exactly, but we’re acquaintances. You were wonderful to me back in l when you invited me to the White House. It’s a memory I will treasure always, and you gave it to me. I thank you.

Now, about your presidential run — if indeed you make it. This web page is about Hillary Clinton's long political history, her baggage, her character flaws, and her far-left ideology. It includes a number of news items and opinion about Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Write a letter to hillary clinton
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